Praise for Streamline Leaders

PF Tuna- I landed a fish in record time on Friday 10/30. ... I was tight after 5-6 casts. Fish took a decent run but I was not worried, I had 500yds of 60# hollow and a Streamline leader. ... bumped the drag up to about 25# ... After 8-10 minutes, I had the fish at the boat and it was harpooned ... It was a wonderful feeling fighting the fish and having no worries, all my connections were 100%; the Streamline leader gave me full confidence to put as much pressure as I wanted on the fish. It taped out at a FAT 64 inches. ... Also, the leader goes through the guides flawlessly, almost like it doesn't even exist. --RC

- Streamline leaders made my life a breeze. We caught 10 Bluefins today that were leadered and successfully released. --TN

- Boy, you can cast these a mile ... Very surprised they will cast something 2 oz so far. --GM

- To be honest, we have not had ANY issues with your wind-ons. They have changed the game. They really are that good. ... They have held perfectly. --SR

- The leaders have worked out GREAT. Since I got them I've been out twice in tough weather, 2 fish in the 60" class have fallen to them. They are exactly what I was looking for. I wish I'd done this sooner. --EC

- A big thumbs up for Streamline leaders. We haven't had a break-off in the weeks since we started using them. --JS

- I have been meaning to email you. I received everything in the mail and your wind on leaders are amazing! They are about as quality and professional as they come. Thanks again for everything. --RC

- I can't believe how well your 130# leader casts. I have been searching for a great casting wind-on leader for years ... my search is over. --BT

- Friday we were using a Streamline leader and we landed a 67" Bluefin tuna (about 170 lbs.) in 15 minutes. We buttoned down the drag and this fish could not move. Your wind-ons are proven in my book. We have tried others and they tend to twist and wrap around the rod. We have not seen this with yours, great job. --RL

- It was a complete [back]breaker...The [60-80lb rod] broke and your leader didn't...I hand-lined the last 60' for the next 10 minutes.... the Streamline leader was the only thing I wasn't worried about! --JS

- Yesterday my partner and I fought a giant Bluefin on the Northern end of Stellwagen for over 2 hours. We had hooked the fish on a spinning setup using 80 lb. braid and a 100# Streamline leader. ... We were pushing the fish really hard because it had run into an area with several gillnets. The leader chaffed near the fishes mouth and broke, we lost the fish. However, the serve and splice on the leader are still in perfect condition to the point that I am tempted to use it again. ... Thought you might like the feedback, I will order more Streamline leaders! --SD