Product Description

Steamline and StellaThe idea behind Streamline Leaders: Build a powerful, reliable Wind-On leader for the angler who casts to BIG fish with light tackle. This goal has been achieved with a thin, flexible connection (Patent Pending) that attaches hollow Spectra to monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders, with no loss of strength. All an angler needs to do is loop-to-loop connect a Streamline Leader to their main line. (click here for a look at how a Streamline leader stands up to a large Bluefin tuna)

Here is what makes a Streamline leader unique:

Pressure Serve: The heart of a Streamline leader is the Pressure (PK) Serve. The more force you apply to the PK Serve, the tighter it gets and the better it holds the monofilament or fluorocarbon. Because there is no top wrapping thread and glue, the PK Serve is thin and flexible. It is designed to carry 100% of the load and as a result, it does not creep or slip. Further, the PK Serve will not release when a big fish is on, even as it passes through the guides at full drag.

Short Splice: Because of the strength of the PK Serve, a 12” splice is all that is required on a Streamline leader. (Although conventional wisdom suggests that the Splice carries the load in a spliced leader, the strongest, most reliable leaders have Serves that can carry the full load without moving, and the Splice functions as insurance.)

Superb Casting: With the thin PK Serve and short Splice, a Streamline leader casts exceptionally well. There are no bulky knots or long splices to reduce casting distance or create line-pickup “wind” knots. We recommend trimming the monofilament end of the leader so that the PK Serve is positioned between the first guide and reel for the smoothest casting. Because the PK Serve is thin and flexible, it doesn’t damage your rod’s guides like knots can.

Pressure from FishStrength: Due to the design and configuration of the PK Serve and hollow Spectra Splice, there is no reduction in either the strength of the leader material or the hollow Spectra. (Typically knots reduce a line’s strength 40%.) The Streamline leader has no loose tag ends to start unraveling at the wrong time. Best of all, we make them in a factory environment—undistracted by seas, wind, rain, cold or blitzing fish.

Redundancy: The PK Serve and Splice form an integral pair—each reducing the load on the other. Normally, the PK Serve carries most of the load. However, the Splice is able to carry 100% of the load so it functions as a backup to the PK Serve. For reliability, the Splice section is built with a double-wall of Spectra. But unlike most double-wall, wind-on leaders, the Streamline leader has a passive inner wall giving it superior protection against chafing.

Lengths/Strengths: Streamline leaders are made in lengths and strengths compatible with high-performance spinning and casting reels. Currently 50# through 130# Jinkai monofilament and Seaguar fluorocarbon are used for their suppleness and shock absorbing capabilities; standard leaders are pre-cut to 10’, custom lengths are available.